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Home Deep cleaning services

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Welcome to Deep cleaning services

S3 Deep cleaning services Pune is the best leading cleaning company in Pune, Maharashtra. We provide all types of deep cleaning services for both residential and commercial. We have 12+ of experience In the cleaning industries, we have professionals equipped with advanced cleaning equipment like a vaccum cleaner, single disc scrubber etc. we use genuine and authentic environment-friendly chemicals. Giving you a spotless and clean climate is the first priority of S3 deep cleaning.
We known how much your family and home means to you. This is our most profound obligation to empower you to reward your friends and family! 85% of normal sensitivities that exist in India are because of the gathering of residue and allergens on our family things. With expanding levels of contamination, wild chopping down of trees and wasteful waste disposal frameworks, the allergen levels are developing at a disturbing rate in urban communities.
Clean Enthusiast began with the sole mission of assisting families with diminishing their openness to residue and allergens, giving a spotless climate to remain in. This is especially valuable for families with babies, small kids, asthma patients, pregnant ladies and elderly individuals.
S3 deep cleaning service is the best pick for any commercial or residential cleaning service. Along with it, S3 deep cleaning Services also offers Pest Control and Sanitization services, one of the essential needs for every home after CoVid 19.

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Home Deep cleaning services

We provide Home / House Deep Cleaning Services in Pimpri Chinchwad, Pimple Saudagar , Pimple Nilakh, Rahatani , Kalewadi , Vishal Nagar, Wakad, Hinjewadi, Ravet, Balewadi, Pashan, Bhavdhan, Aundh, Baner, Shivajinagar, VimanNagar, Kalyani Nagar, Koregaon Park, Hadapsar, Kothrud, Kondhwa, Mundhwa Akurdi, Nigdi, Moshi, Bhosari, Kasarwadi, Dapodi, Kharadi, Dehuroad
We Provide Multiple Cleaning Services like Home Cleaning, Office Cleaning, Kitchen Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning, Bathroom Cleaning, Sofa Cleaning, Chair Cleaning, Facade Cleaning, Housekeeping Services, Floor Cleaning, Project / Construction site Cleaning, Pest Control

Our Specialities

S3 deep cleaning Services offers you various services like housekeeping, office cleaning, and home cleaning weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly.
Customer needs to read and then accept all the Terms and Conditions mentioned in the AMC contract.
Customer needs to complete the payment procedure of Annual Maintainance Contract after accepting all the Terms and Conditions.
If by any chance customer cancels the AMC contract then the customer will still be charged the full amount as mentioned and agreed as per contract.
We provide the best service to all our AMC clients. Also, we maintain their home/office properly and inform them about all the cleaning problems on their property
S3 deep cleaning Services provides you the best Sofa Cleaning or Sofa Shampooing services for your home or office.
Sofa is one of the fundamental household items in a living room, so you want to make it clean and shiny.
We will guarantee you the best cleaning for your Sofa by reviewing your Sofa and making it dust-free, perfect, and practically like another one.
We Use eco-friendly solutions and products for sofa cleaning.
Our cleaning experts are involved in giving three stages of sofa cleaning services, including sofa shampooing, then, at that point, sofa vacuuming, and lastly cleaning.
Our cleaning experts utilize the best equipment to give out the most ideal cleaning results to bring in your cash worth the effort for profiting the couch cleaning services.
A clean workplace improves productivity and impresses the clients or visitors. A deep office or commercial cleaning must be required after some time.
To make the best impression and keep up with it, you need an expert office cleaner who helps monitor subtleties that frequently get ignored.
We have a network of office cleaning experts that guarantee your office's tidiness and cleanliness to make positive initial impressions and further develop employee productivity.
We have such office cleaning professionals who can deal with all the workplace cleaning assignments, whether huge or little.
Deep office cleaning is also a fundamental part of maintaining the office's perfect environment.
Office cleaning professionals have specific gear for deep cleaning and eliminating soil cautiously from doors, windows, and different kinds of equipment at your office.
Home and ordinary residential cleaning maintain the house, but deep cleaning creates beautifulness and enhances the life or quality of the home.
S3 deep cleaning Services offers professional home deep cleaning and other deep cleaning services in Pune.
In deep home cleaning, we clean each part of the home which is open. It includes dusting, clearing, and vacuuming.
For being healthy, a clean environment is essential in your home. With the assistance of cleaning experts, you can deep clean your home accurately and establishes a totally sterile environment.
We get the client's requirements, and everyone needs to make each side of their home or house perfect and clean all of the time. S3 deep cleaning experts make impossible cleaning tasks possible with their abilities and experience.
Carpet enhances the house's beauty or floor, but dirt or stain leads to trouble, especially with Carpet. S3 deep Cleaners can clean the carpets without damaging the shining of the Carpet.
To keep your carpet looking the best with practically no harm, you should clean your carpet professionally every 12 to a year and a half. The Carpet and Rug Institute suggests this period for carpet cleaning .
There are different techniques utilized for carpet cleaning. However, steam cleaning is the best strategy for cleaning carpets. It eliminates over 90% of the dirt and bacteria from the carpet without harming its shine and color.
We have a group of expert cleaners who do a wide range of jobs, from a 20 minutes quick spot treatment for your home or office.
Carpet cleaning is on top of family concerns; even though Carpets are an awesome method for upgrading the beauty of the home.
The exterior of our commercial building or residence plays a vital role in representing the organization or business. The surface of the building should be cleaned professionally by the facade cleaners to maintain the organization's status.
The outer part of our commercial building or residence plays a crucial part in representing the organization or any property. The outer layer of the building is to be cleaned expertly by the façade cleaners to keep up with the organization's status as it is the first impression of any visitor.
Facade Cleaning refers to the cleaning of the outer layer of the building and making it free from any dust, grime, toxins, and stains. The Facade is the forward portion of the building from where normally the guests enter.
Facades are generally comprised of glass, stone, and wood, although a few facades are comprised of metals like aluminum or stainless steel.
All the equipment and techniques we use to clean the facades, do not damage the property and give you the best unique look.
S3 deep cleaning Service provides the Facade Cleaning Service in Pune and the PCMC region.
It is difficult to clean the chairs, but they are one of the most common objects people notice; they must be thoroughly cleaned. It must be cleaned appropriately, atleast over some time, so that it feels like a new one.
S3 deep cleaning Services plans to make your office generally a shinier one by making your office space cleaner, more clean, and the best-sacred place for work.
S3 deep cleaning Services is professionally prepared and knew very well about examining the chairs and taking care of them. They will guarantee you the best cleaning of chairs because the only main cleaning experts take care of it.
We offer service for a wide range of chairs, whether made of any material. S3 Cleaning Professionals offer cleaning services for different chairs, including softened chairs, leather chairs, fabric chairs, leatherette chairs, etc.
Toilet cleaning is such a task not liked by us, but our cleaning professionals have the best techniques and skills to do the job in the best way.
The bathroom and toilets are on the first spot on the list with regards to germs and bacteria. The most widely recognized reason for not cleaning the bathroom and toilet is lack of time. This mindset leads to many dangers and causes diarrhea, nausea, and fatigue.
Bathrooms and Toilets are places of residence that need proper consideration and additional work to wash them in the most effective way.
Bathrooms and Toilets have bacteria, but they also show how clean and hygienic you are and keep a healthy climate in your home.
Cleaning the floor surface is a tricky task, especially removing the dirt and stains from the floor. It is done by professionals who can remove the ground without any damage to the floor.
Whenever we make our new home or office, the floor attracts anybody, but after some time it gets dull. Our regular cleaning services clean the floor but not able to give look like the new one. S3 deep cleaning Services is one of the renowned deep cleaning services in Pune.
We do the floor cleaning work in the most effective way along with the best costs. You can compare our costs and the other floor cleaning services available in your city.
Project or Construction Site is one of the dirtiest places, and it is a time-consuming and necessary task, so professional cleaners should do it.
S3 deep cleaning Facility Services give Construction/Project site cleaning services for residential, commercial, and industrial projects or construction sites.
To clean a construction/project site, our cleaning professionals first visit the sites with the project supervisor and make a checklist of all places which should be clean.
As per the condition of the project/construction site, our professional cleaners choose the techniques for cleaning the site and take healthy and safe evaluations. They use security hardware like hard caps, dust masks, safety boots, and more items.
It is the place where deep cleaning is a must. Cleaning of Kitchen is a regular task, but we can not underestimate the deep cleaning of the Kitchen. It is the place where the food is prepared which directly affects our health; Kitchen must be cleaned properly.
Kitchen Cleaning is one of the worst jobs as it requires more exertion and time, however, it is one of the most important jobs you can not skip. The kitchen is where food is cooked. Hence there should be a hygienic and clean environment.
If you don't have a lot of time to clean your kitchen, you must hire professional cleaners for your kitchen. With S3 deep cleaning Services, you will get the Best Kitchen Cleaning Professionals.
It is the place that has most of the stains; it is not easy to clean it yourself; an S3 deep cleaning Professional will help you to do this task.
Bathroom Deep Cleaning Service includes, Sanitize entire Bathroom and Toilet, Cleaning lights and installations, Scrub the tiles, dust dividers, and wet cleaning, Removes the developed cleanser rubbish, From the Ceiling Removing the spider web, Dusting, wiping the mirrors in the washroom or restroom, and sanitize the counter and sinks.
Insects and pests like ants, cockroaches, carpet beetles, etc., destroy the hygiene environment of home or office and are hazardous to our health.
While picking a pest control service for your residential or commercial property, a professional pest control service is best for this task.
Pest includes various kinds of insects like ants, cockroaches, spiders, mosquitoes, moths, carpet beetles, reptiles, and termites; if they are available in the home or office, they are harmful to us.
S3 deep cleaning Services offers Pest Control Services for all properties, including Residential Properties and Commercial Property. We involved the Latest strategies and methods for Pest cleaning
Housekeeping service is nowadays required for both office and residence; getting the best housekeepers is not tricky with S3 deep cleaning Services.
Housekeeping services are an incredible way for outsourcing cheap work so you can utilize your time, such as focusing on your work or your family. Housekeepers will deal with you and your home; when you come to your home after work, you will make your home look warm, inviting, and very clean.
Our housekeeping professionals are accessible to you when best for you, alongside the equipment they need for their work.

We have experts in professional deep House cleaning in pune.
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Unlike other new cleaners in the industry who lack experience, we are aware of every type of cleaning and do it exactly how it should be done. We keep in mind that the property is most important and take all the preventive measures to avoid any type of damage.

Why Choose S3 deep cleaning Services for Cleaning ?

We Will Make Absolutely Any Place Clean, Neat & Tidy.

  • Home Deep cleaning services

    Over 11 years of experience makes us the best organization in the cleaning industry.

  • Home Deep cleaning services
    Satisfied Clients

    Since 2010, we have had millions of clients, and all are fully satisfied with our cleaning services.

  • Home Deep cleaning services

    We have over 60 + professionals who have the best skills and knowledge in their field of expertise.

  • Home Deep cleaning services
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    With the skilled professional and latest equipment we assure the best service guarantee.

  • Home Deep cleaning services
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    Our services are available to you 24 hours so that you can schedule your choice or preferred timing.

House Deep cleaning services House Deep cleaning services

What does our professional Home deep cleaning include?

Bathroom cleaning- We clean all surfaces, sinks, all Fittings, wall cleaning,top floor dusting etc. Kitchen Cleaning- kitchen cleaning includes trolleys, cabinets, lofts, platforms. wall tiles, exhaust fans, windows, chimneys and floors

Toilet Cleaning- We use authentic chemicals for WC seats and flooring, walls, windows, top dusting and scrubbing, geysers etc.

Window and Grills Cleaning- We clean windows sliding, window frames, grills and window glasses.

Wall Dusting- We properly provide wall dusting and spider's web removing

Balcony Cleaning- Full balcony cleaning includes floors, grills, walls, windows and dumping waste materials.

Sofa and Furnishing Cleaning- Dry vacuuming, dusting, and scrubbing of sofa, carpet, curtains and mattresses.

Floor Cleaning- Sweeping, wet mopping and scrubbing with machine (as per requirements)

Other areas- Living room, bedrooms, beds, cupboards, wardrobes exterior, Cleaning of doors, light fittings,fan, ac, fridge, oven, switchboards, handles, raillings, cabinets etc.

House Deep cleaning services House Deep cleaning services

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ's)

We can use Deep Cleaning Service at Residential places, commercial places, and construction sites. Now a days we are providing deep cleaning services in different kinds of places such as Restaurants, Hotels, Hospitals, Manufacturing Industries, etc.
No, not necessary, it's totally your decision whether you might want to be home during the job. But, we suggest it would be better to assume you are home to guarantee that the task is finished as you would prefer. Assuming there is a specific region in your home where you want more consideration, you can constantly convey that to the deep cleaning professional.
The chemicals utilized by our expert professional cleaners are top-quality products. We have chosen certain products which are verified by our research team which not only give top results in terms of cleaning but also are very safe for humans and pets as well.
We completely comprehend that a few crisis circumstances can emerge and clients could have to drop the arrangement. Experiencing the same thing, we anticipate that the client should intimate us so that we can acknowledge one more occupation all things considered. Rather than dropping out of such cases, you can reschedule your arrangement at later date according to your accommodation.
All the professional cleaners for home deep cleaning are verified by S3 deep cleaning. They are professionals with certain years of experience in the cleaning service field. All professionals are background checked and well known to us.
Basically, we use a different kinds of products for different work. The list of Equipment we use is as follows: Microfibre cloth, Brushes, Brooms, Vacuum Cleaner, Polishing Machine, Floor scrubber, Steam vapor Machine, etc. All those types of equipment are arranged by us. We will bring our own cleaning supplies and materials to assist you to deal with the cleaning arrangements. Our cleaner will show up with all the hardware we want to perform and finish our cleaning tasks.
Deep Cleaning is somewhat more costly compared with normal cleaning due to the depth and thoroughness of the service. The service is done by a professionally trained cleaning team who use best-in-class equipment and eco-friendly chemicals. The rates are inclusive of transportation costs and service charges according to Government policies.
One of the most important things about S3 deep cleaning Service is that we have professional cleaners with more than 10 years of experience. Also, it is efficient to hire S3 deep cleaning Service as an expert cleaning service since they are more productive and take care of business rapidly and in the correct manner. A cleaning task that consumes 30 minutes for an unskilled individual just requires 10 minutes for a skilled individual. The time required is successfully cut down nearby half or more.

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